Cold winds descend from the Andes covering the vineyards, which decrease the temperature during the nights, delivering ideal conditions for grape maturity.

The lion is the emblem of Santiago, the capital of Chile and one of the places where the first vineyards were planted more than 400 years ago.

Llama is the typical animal found in wide areas of the Andes. They are very important for the indigenous inhabitants due to their wool for making cloth.

These wines determine the course, the way. You can enjoy your trip with Rumbo wines.

Lemu is a Mapuche´s indigenous word that means forest. It is very important for the preparation of their local medicines and wood to make fire for cooking and keep warm during the cold nights.

In the year 1541 was founded the capital of Chile, Santiago, by a Spanish colonizer. He led the colony to took control of the town and its indigenous inhabitants.

This bird has a striking red chest which combines in perfect harmony and beauty with the landscape of Chilean Patagonia. They live in freedom bringing good luck and hapiness to the local people.

Rapa Nui is the most isolated place on earth, famous for its majestic statues called Moais which represent the living face of their ancestors.